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Conditions of Use

1. on shopping

Goods in the shops have a spot, but did not rule out selling so fast that some commodities have not updated in a timely manner. If you do not want to buy the goods, please send an e-mail to the owner. The owner will be the first time to update your contact and the goods you can select collection of the Web site or the selection of the other models.

2. with regard to the color difference

Everyone monitors the brand, brightness, contrast adjustment in different settings, and so on, will the existence of a certain color, so Please not subject to any color by a friend, you want to buy a clear, let us not lose sight of this problem, the problem can not be as a return aberration.

3. on the size:

Size and suitability of the models, the owner can only be based on information provided by you to your reference, a real understanding of the actual.

The situation is your own, so it is the size you choose, the owner is not responsible for the wrong size and brought about the replacement of freight.

4. with regard to transportation:

We paragraph 2 days of delivery, the actual postage charge, usually shipped within 3 days before it, as a result of weather, roads, weeks At the end of the case will be slow, and so is a normal phenomenon. Need to be patient. However, if customers buy a one-time amount of more than 2 Units, free postage.

5. on the receipt:

In view of the special nature of online shopping, in order to protect your interests and the rights and interests, to avoid any rupture in the lead, as well as the loss of some of the damaged goods to the loss of you when you receive the parcel, please do not rush to sign the receipt, In the presence of Express must face the officers to open and inspect goods transport because there is no damage or loss, if any damage or loss, refused to sign and return the company to allow Express! If you want colleagues to sign on behalf of a friend, Please communicate in advance to do a good job. If a single receipt to sign, it means that you have the number of goods and the well-recognized to be.

6. on the after-sale:

If you sign for the parcel after the loss of goods, transport or short caused by the accident, we can not be held responsible. If it is signed on behalf of the people, please, please tell them in advance proof of the package of goods. Whether there is no problem with the packing, unpacking, please check whether the goods are visible to the naked eye, including: color, shape, appearance of the scars, broken, damaged, scratches, and so the number is found to be damaged goods or shortage, Do not sign, and immediately returned to the post office or courier to the post office or courier company claims. If the buyer does not carry out procedures so that damage to the shortage of goods by the buyer on their own responsibility.